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South East Challenge Cup Results

11th October 2020

Membership News

The committee has decided to give all current members half price membership next year (2021), due to the club having to cancel all events during the Covid-19 lockdown.  Discounts will only apply if you are a fully paid up member this year. 

Drive Sunday 2nd August


Thank-you to Jackie who organised the drive. Judging by all the smiley faces everyone looked as though they enjoyed it.

More photos on the Gallery Page.


Results of the IHDT at Saddlesdane on 8th March 2020

full results on ICD website


Novice pony

1st    Chloe Rogers

2nd  Lily Ann Milton

3rd    Laura champion

Novice Horse

1st     Jade Champion

2nd     Wendy Carpenter

Open Pony

1st     Linda Hill      

2nd     Heather Watt

  3rd     Donna Simmons


1st   Chris Orchard

2nd   Sarah Price

Results of the IHDT at Saddlesdane on 2nd February 2020

Novice Pony                                                      

1st  Chloe Rogers

2nd Harriet Mc Entee

3rd Lily Ann Milton           

4th Laura Champion


Open Pony                     

1st Diane Hogben                            

2nd Sarah Wallis

3rd Heather Watt

4th Donna Simmons       



1st Penny Craven

2nd Sue Baldock

3rd Jade Champion

4th Wendy Carpenter     



1st Chris Orchard



1st       Diane Hogben        230

2nd      Margaret Lang       285

3rd       Laura Champion    205 

4th       Harriet Barker HC  203



1st        Sue Baldock              220

2nd       Susannah Anderson   221

3rd        Wendy Carpenter      268

4th        Ian Martin HC           225



1st        James Starr           258  

2nd       Sarah Price            289

South East Challenge Cup Winners 2019/2020

Finals 26th January 2020

South East Challenge Cup results

Godmersham 15th September


1st           Susannah Anderson        203:03

2nd          Sue Baldock                   206:36

3rd           Wendy Carpenter           242:37

4th           Ian Lamb                      289:32


1st           Diane Hogben                 210:72  

2nd          Lorraine Branford            242:87


1st           James Starr                      198:49

2nd          Sonny Hillier                     232:75


Jean Davies

Peter, Allison and Niki regret to inform you that his wife and their mother, Jean Frances Davies, passed away peacefully at 6.30 pm on 29th August 2019".

Jean was a long time member, Committee member and Chairman of the Club.

RESULTS Godmersham Park ' Classic Club Series' 21st July2019

Our Training Day 17th March

A huge thank-you to the Petitpierre family for hosting the event, giving talks and providing lunch and delicious homemade cakes and to Jackie and Paul and their horse Charlie who worked hard all day giving the driving demonstrations, both right ways and wrong ways to drive a course!  We all had a great fun.

More pictures on gallery page.

If you attended the training day please leave feedback on the comments page.

Taylor Edwards recieving his 'Hepler of the Year' award from Miranda at the AGM
 The 'Strongid P Challenge' award went to Susi Anderson  for driving achievement.  She  was not present to collect it.


ODE Godmersham Park 5th August 2018

Article in the Sunday Times about the missing £112 paid into our Santander account that we never received.

Winners of the South East Challenge Cup 2018.

Diane Hogben (pony)      Susannah Anderson (horse)     Stacie Leach (pairs)

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